international ideas competition: helsinki south harbor

Helsinki Kirjava Satama - South Harbor Open International Ideas Competition
organized by City of Helsinki City Planning Department

project with Volkan Taşkın , Ali Önalp

Design Challenge

The entrants’ task is to create a comprehensive ideas plan for the South Harbour that can be used as a basis for the future development of the area. The entrants must present public urban spaces for the area, chart the amount of supplementary construction, and placement possibilities as well as improve pedestrian traffic and cycling connections and spaces.

The competition area must be linked more tightly to the city centre structure. The entrants must examine how the space use of port operations can be made more efficient. The competition entries must consider, in particular, the area’s cityscape-related and cultural-historic values as well as appearance to the sea


Hannu Penttilä, M.Sc. Techn., Deputy Mayor
Tuomas Rajajärvi, Architect, Head of Department, City Planning Department
Olavi Veltheim, Architect SAFA, Town Planning Division Director, City Planning Department
Satu Tyynilä, Architect, Office Manager, City Planning Department
Ilpo Forssén, Architect SAFA, Project Manager, City Planning Department
Heikki Nissinen, M.Sc. Techn., Managing Director, Port of Helsinki
Mikael Nordqvist, M.Sc. Techn., Head of Department, Real Estate Department
Antti Ahlava, Architect SAFA, Doctor of Arts (appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects)
Vilhelm Helander, Architect SAFA, Professor (appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects)
Steven Holl, Architect, Professor
Jussi Murole, Architect SAFA


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