dutch design week: beauty of decay

The Beauty of Decay – Workshop

Brief: Highlight the piece of the canal of Eindhoven that, in your opinion, best portraits the beauty of Decay and should not be forgotten or remain anonymous to the public. One should question if this beauty lies in the nostalgic feeling it brings to our memory; or in the undiscovered potentials that it insinuates to whoever is willing to be its audience.

  • Tutors: Irene Curulli and Jan Schevers
    Group 1:
    Yan Hang Lo
    Edwin Caspers
    Elena Chochanova
    Stijn Kuipers
    Martin van Overveld
    Quentin Deyirmendjian
    Omyra Mingels

    Group 2:
    Doruk Can Ozcifci
    Tomas Durdis
    Eleonora Zanetti
    Guy Steiner
    Niels van’t Oever
    Bas van Geffen
    Bart Hellings
    John Schneijderberg

    Group 3:
    Remko Kroes
    Begun Yilmaz
    Philip Weibhauser
    Veronica Sykorova
    Chiara Garri
    Rik van den Elzen
    Ricardo Ploemen

    Group 4:
    Luca Vallicelli
    Sebastian Gernhardt
    Eric Pijffers
    Futura Falistocco
    Daniela Gheorghiu
    Meslec Mihaela

    Group 5:
    Ralph Vleeshouwers
    Karsten Seifert
    Manuel Aust
    Pedro Snow
    Jaime Ramila